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威斯馬克飯店,菲爾班 Westmark Hotel, Fairbanks



旅客能在紅燈籠餐廳 (Red Lantern Restaurant) 坐在壁爐旁邊一邊吃一邊享受友好的氣氛。012524E夏天時,旅客也能去北緯餐廳 (Northern Lattitudes Restaurant)在陽光中享受豐盛的自助早餐。






The Westmark Hotel Fairbanks is located near the Morris Thompson Cultural Center and the beautiful Chena River in breathtaking Fairbanks, Alaska. No matter your needs, the staff here will make sure that your stay is one to remember.

With over 400 rooms and suites, the Westmark Hotel is able to accommodate the needs of any guest. Each room comes standard with a TV with HBO and a phone. Additionally, the hotel also provides a fitness center that is both large and modern.

Guests can also sit by the fireplace and enjoy steak, pasta or salad dishes at the Red Lantern restaurant.  It’s open all year for dinner, and serves breakfast and lunch from September to May. Or, guests can sit in the sun-lit Northern Latitude restaurant and enjoy the expansive breakfast buffet.

The Westmark Hotel’s staff is friendly and helpful, and the seasonal tour desk is at your disposal to help you plan your perfect Alaskan vacation. Whether you’d like to see the sights of Fairbanks, or make your way up to Denali National park, the staff here will help you do it.