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阿拉斯加-瑞士風旅館 Swiss-Alaska Inn




ph_chaletdouble經營者是Vern 跟Rosemary。他們不是阿拉斯加當地人,Vern是瑞士人,Rosemary是來自美國的蒙大拿州。他們是爲了有新的生活經驗而獨立來到阿拉斯而相識的。結婚以後,他們一起經營阿拉斯加-瑞士風旅館。雖然他們母語是瑞士德語跟英文,他們非常歡迎從世界各地來的人。

您來到這裡的時候,您一定會見到Vern 跟Rosemary 的家庭其中一個人。他們很希望您來阿拉斯加-瑞士風旅館享受他們30年前剛到阿拉斯加時享受的友誼和熱情。


The Swiss Alaska Inn is a small, yet comfortable getaway five minutes away from beautiful Talkeetna, Alaska, right in the shadow of Mt. McKinley. There, you’ll find both a Swiss and an Alaskan atmosphere.

The Swiss Alaska Inn’s 20 rooms are furnished comfortably and all offer a TV, private bathroom, and wireless internet. Some rooms even have a Jacuzzi or access to an outdoor deck where guests can relax after a long day of sight-seeing.

The owners, Vern and Rosemary, have been in the hotel business almost as long as they have known each other, when Very came to Alaska from Switzerland and Rosemary came from Montana. Although their main languages are Swiss German and English, they can understand everyone and welcome guests from all over.

When you arrive at the Swiss Alaska Inn, you will meet at least one member of the family, whether it be Very or Rosemary themselves, or one of their eight children. Very and Rosemary hope to let every guest feel the same hospitality they felt when they arrived in Alaska nearly 30 years ago.