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阿拉斯加的雪上摩托車之旅 Snowmobile Tours in Alaska

Snowmobile Tour in Alaska

Snowmobile Tour in Alaska






冰河城市雪上摩托車旅遊 (Glacier City Snowmobile Tours 是安克拉治市和歌午德地區經驗豐富的旅遊公司,有專業的嚮導會組隊帶領你穿梭山林間,飽覽楚加奇山脈和楚加奇國家森林公園迷人的山景。天氣晴朗時,還可以近距離觀賞令人震撼的藍色冰河在眼前崩落的奇景。此行程冬季和夏季均提供。

位於費爾班克斯市的珍娜溫泉渡假山莊 (Chena Hot Springs) 還提供短程的旅遊。

記得,雪上摩托車的英文名稱在阿拉斯加當地稱為 (snow machine),此外,阿拉斯加州及夏威夷除外的美國其他48州統稱為 (snowmobile).



Snowmobile tours are a fun and exciting way to enjoy the winter snow of Alaska.

If you like driving a motorcycle or scooter you will love driving a snowmobile. No experience is necessary and first time riders are welcome.

You can take it easy and enjoy a smooth ride across open snow fields or through the forest along a snowmobile trail, or you can rev up your engine and get some speed to get a taste of what a snowmobile race is like.

And you can even take a snowmobile tour in the summer, with a tour operator that will fly you up to a glacier icefield.

If you have a half-day or full day you can really enjoy a nice snowmobile tour, where you can get out into the back country.

In the Anchorage and Girdwood area an experienced tour operator is Glacier City Snowmobile Tours (Glacier City Snowmobile Tours Expert guides take groups through the Chugach Mountains and Chugach National Forest with fantastic mountain views. If the weather is good tours are available to glaciers to see the amazing blue glacier ice up close. Winter and Summer tours are available.

In Fairbanks short tours are available at Chena Hot Springs (Chena Hot Springs).

And remember – in Alaska the English word is (snow machine) and in the Lower 48 it is (snowmobile).