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內河輪船探索之旅 (Riverboat Discovery)

Riverboat Discovery Fairbanks, Alaska

Riverboat Discovery
Fairbanks, Alaska

阿拉斯加費爾班克斯市的內河輪船探索之旅 (Riverboat Discovery),是一個非常具有吸引力的觀光景點,也是我們極力推薦的一個很棒的行程。



在禮品店的區域,有一個零下四十度的體驗室 (40 Below) ,此設施能讓遊客體驗零下四十度的極凍感,並且可以拍照留做紀念。



內河輪船探索之旅 (Riverboat Discovery)



The Riverboat Discovery (Riverboat Discovery) is a main attraction in Fairbanks, Alaska. This is really a great tour that we highly recommend.

The Riverboat Discovery features a 3 hour riverboat tour down the Chena River. The tour includes a floatplane take-off and landing demonstration on the river and a stop at a model Alaska Native village where visitors are introduced to some of the way of life of Alaska Native people.

The tour begins and ends at a Trading Post gift shop and restaurant next to the Chena River.

The 40 Below (40 Below) attraction at the Trading Post lets guests experience the freezing temperatures of -40 C, with a souvenir picture available.

Lunch at the Trading Post restaurant is available. It is a feast featuring generous portions of home-style cooking. Very tasty! Highly recommended.

The Riverboat Discover operates during the summer season (May to September) and is closed during the winter season.

Riverboat Discovery (Riverboat Discovery)