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費爾班克斯的傳統慶典-Pow Wow

Pow Wow Midnight Sun Pow Wow Fairbanks, Alaska

Pow Wow
Midnight Sun Pow Wow Fairbanks, Alaska

Pow Wow 為美國印地安人的慶典,阿拉斯加誠摯地歡迎遊客一同體驗阿拉斯加原住民文化。

每年7月舉辦的 Pow Wow 慶典,稱為午夜陽光 Pow Wow (Midnight Sun Pow Wow),由於北半球永晝的現象,即便是在夏季中旬的午夜仍然艷陽高照。

Pow Wow 慶典是從每天早上到午夜,共持續三日的盛會。

每一天, Pow Wow 以圍成一個圓圈的形式,結合舞蹈、音樂及美食,慶祝阿拉斯加原住民文化。

遊客可以觀賞許多令人驚豔的舞蹈表演,甚至還可以一同加入舞蹈。這舞蹈並不困難,遊客可以很快地融入舞群,這同時也傳承了美國印地安文化的精髓。此外, Pow Wow 以迷人的舞蹈和非常精彩的舞蹈大賽最具特色。



Pow Wow Regalia

Pow Wow Regalia

Pow Wow 最高潮的部分是鷹的祝福 (Eagle Release)。在訴說一隻受傷的老鷹,經過鳥類復育計畫後恢復健康,最後重返大自然的故事。

圍繞著 Pow Wow 的是阿拉斯加原住民傳統手工藝品市集,舉凡披肩、鹿皮軟鞋 (moccasins)、毛皮製品、雕刻象牙製品、及其他印地安人的手工藝品等玲瓏滿目。

Pow Wow 所有的參與者都非常地友善,也很樂意分享他們特有的傳統民俗與文化藝術。


Pow Wow的網站資訊及地點。



2013年的午夜陽光Pow Wow (Midnight Sun Pow Wow 2013) 於7月11至14日在阿拉斯加費爾班克斯市的Carlson 中心舉行。

Midnight Sun Pow Wow 2013 (Midnight Sun Pow Wow 2013) July 11-14 at the Carlson Center, Fairbanks, Alaska.


There is a fantastic Native American Pow Wow (Pow Wow) in Alaska that welcomes visitors to join in a celebration of Alaska Native culture.

This Pow Wow is called the Midnight Sun Pow Wow (Midnight Sun Pow Wow) because it takes place every July – in the middle of the summer season when the days are so long that it is still daylight at midnight.

This Pow Wow is a three day event lasting from the morning to around midnight each day.

Each day the Pow Wow gathers around a dancing circle for a day of dancing, music, good food, and fun celebration of Alaska Native culture.

Visitors can watch many amazing dances and dance with the group in public dances. The public dances are not difficult, and allow visitors to join in and share this important part of Native American culture. The Pow Wow features fancy dancing and dancing competitions which are very fun to watch.

The music includes a lot of drum music with several drum groups participating from Alaska and the Lower 48. The drum groups are awesome!

A highlight of the Pow Wow is the Eagle Release (Eagle Release). This is where the whole Pow Wow crowd gathers to celebrate the release of an eagle into the wild. This is a special eagle, that had been injured and cared for in a rehabilitation program for injured birds until it was healthy and ready to re-enter the wild.

Around the Pow Wow circle are many vendors of tasty foods and Alaska Native traditional handicraft products such as shawls, caribou moccasin shoes (moccasins), fur, carved ivory, and other products.

The most important thing about this Pow Wow is that all of the participants are wonderful friendly people that welcome visitors and welcome the chance to share their unique culture and heritage.

If you are visiting Alaska in July please join the fun if you can!

Check the event website for dates and location.