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冰雕藝術節-費爾班克斯市 Ice Art Festival, Fairbanks

Ice Art Festival, Fairbanks, Alaska

Ice Art Festival, Fairbanks, Alaska






Ice Art Festival, Fairbanks





The Ice Art Festival in Fairbanks, Alaska is a fun event full of magic and wonder.

Dragons…tigers…magical creatures…carved from the sparkling ice and lit with beautiful colors at night. It is truly amazing to walk among the fantastic ice sculptures at night.

The World Ice Art Championship event is held in Fairbanks, Alaska every year from late February to late March.

This is the best time during the winter to visit Fairbanks for Aurora Viewing Tours because at least one afternoon and early evening can be spent enjoying the Ice Art Festival. Plus the nights are long and the weather is often clear, which is best for aurora viewing.

The Ice Art Festival attracts professional and amateur ice artists from around the world to compete and show their ice carving skills. More than 70 teams and 100 ice artists usually participate each year. There are competitions for large ice sculptures using several large blocks of ice, and competitions for small sculptures using one block of ice.

The ice is cut from a frozen lake and is called “Arctic Diamond” ice because it is so clear. The ice blocks can be almost 2 meters thick, and weigh up to 3,400 kg each. That is one big ice cube!

The Ice Art Festival has long ice slides that are great fun for kids and adults. Just grab a sled and go! What a fun ride!

There is a special kids ice park that has ice skating area, an ice maze, slides just for kids, and fun ice sculptures for kids to play on. Great fun for kids.