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冰河城市雪上摩托車旅遊公司 Glacier City Snowmobile Tours

Snowmobile Tour in Alaska

Snowmobile Tour in Alaska

冰河城市雪上摩托車旅遊公司  (Glacier City Snowmobile Tours 是安克拉治市和歌午德地區專業的旅遊公司。





你甚至可以在夏季時來一場雪上摩托車之旅,冰河城市雪上摩托車旅遊公司 (Glacier City Snowmobile Tours) 會帶你飛越冰河,留下令人難忘的冰原歷險經驗。



記得,雪上摩托車的英文名稱在阿拉斯加當地稱為 (snow machine),此外,阿拉斯加州及夏威夷除外的美國其他48州統稱為 (snowmobile).


關於冰河城市雪上摩托車旅遊公司 (Glacier City Snowmobile Tours)

Chris Roberts 先生是冰河城市雪上摩托車旅遊公司 ( Glacier City Snowmobile Tours) 的經營者。已經具備15年經驗的 Chris 同時也是世界級的資深嚮導。他曾說:「嚮導的職責就是要為遊客帶來難忘的冒險之旅!」


此外,Chris 以及他的團隊還可以為你安排食宿、交通與其他活動等旅遊行程。

冰河城市雪上摩托車旅遊公司 Glacier City Snowmobile Tours



An expert snowmobile tour company is Glacier City Snowmobile Tours (Glacier City Snowmobile Tours in the town of Girdwood near Anchorage, Alaska.

Expert guides take groups through the Chugach Mountains and Chugach National Forest with fantastic mountain views. If the weather is good tours are available to glaciers to see the amazing blue glacier ice up close. Winter and Summer tours are available.

Snowmobile tours are a fun and exciting way to enjoy the winter snow of Alaska.

If you like driving a motorcycle or scooter you will love driving a snowmobile. No experience is necessary and first time riders are welcome.

You can take it easy and enjoy a smooth ride across open snow fields or through the forest along a snowmobile trail, or you can rev up your engine and get some speed to get a taste of what a snowmobile race is like.

And you can even take a snowmobile tour in the summer. Glacier City Snowmobile Tours (Glacier City Snowmobile Tous) offers tours to fly up to a glacier icefield for snowmobile and dog sled tours.

If you have a half-day or full day you can really enjoy a nice snowmobile tour, where you can get out into the back country.

And remember – in Alaska the English word is (snow machine) and in the Lower 48 it is (snowmobile).

About Glacier City Snowmobile Tours (Glacier City Snowmobile Tours)

Mr. Chris Roberts is the owner of Glacier City Snowmobile Tours ( Glacier City Snowmobile Tours). Chris has been guiding world-class tours for 15 years. Chris says, “Bottom line is that, we’re all about showing our visiting guests fun and adventure!”

All guides are experts with years of experience, and special training in safety. Their first priority is the safety of guests.

Chris and his team can also book your bed and breakfast and arrange ground transportation and other tours and activities.