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極光小屋, 費爾班克斯, 阿拉斯加 (Aurora Borealis Lodge)

Aurora Borealis Lodge Fairbanks, Alaska

Aurora Borealis Lodge
Fairbanks, Alaska

極光小屋 (Aurora Borealis Lodge) 是阿拉斯加費爾班克斯市裡觀賞極光最佳的旅館之一。

極光小屋位於費爾班克斯北方約32公里處 Cleary Summit 地區的小山丘上。由於面朝北方加上沒有光害的影響,因此是觀賞極光最佳的位置。此外,屋外附設露天平台、室內溫馨舒適有熱巧克力及熱茶可供飲用。




熱情又好客的 Mok Kumagai 是旅館的經營者,使每個來到極光小屋的旅客都有賓至如歸的感受。

極光小屋 (Aurora Borealis Lodge)



The Aurora Borealis Lodge (Aurora Borealis Lodge) is one of the best places to view the aurora in Fairbanks, Alaska.

The Aurora Borealis Lodge is located on Cleary Summit (Cleary Summit), a large hill about 32 km north of Fairbanks. The Lodge faces north, is on a hill, and is away from city lights, all of which are best for aurora viewing. There is a deck viewing area outside. Inside it is warm and comfortable, and hot chocolate and hot tea is available.

The Aurora Borealis Lodge offers tours that include transportation to the lodge with hotel pickup and dropoff, and an evening of aurora viewing at the lodge with hot drinks included. The tour time is from 10pm to 2:30 in the morning.

There are limited overnight rooms available, that are usually sold out, and that should be booked far in advance.

The lodge is very busy for aurora viewing in the winter, especially with tour groups from Japan.

The operator and co-owner of the Lodge is Mr. Mok Kumagai. Mok is a fantastic host that takes great care of his guests.

Aurora Borealis Lodge (Aurora Borealis Lodge)